Best Luxury Safari Vehicle and Charter

We have safari vehicles and are all-terrain vehicles 4×4 Land Cruisers and many more.  They’re all hired out with our trusted and experienced safari guides or drivers.

Experience the ultimate safari and vacation in one of our 4X4 safari vehicles. Our jeeps are both open and covered and each is offered depending on the type of safari you are taking with us. If you are taking a luxury overland safari, we always offer closed vehicles as you cruise via the bumpy routes and helps sometimes to protect you from the dusty by closing it and use Air-condition fresh air. Then, with our tourists taking flying holidays we use the open cars that are always stationed at our partner lodges and camps and suitable for airstrip pick-ups and game drives inside the game parks.

Many of East Africa’s best game reserves, coastal areas and other attractions are only accessible by gravel roads and 4×4 (4wd) tracks, this is one of the reasons why a 4×4 vehicle is the ideal mode of transport and the most capable safari vehicle. These all-terrain 4×4 vehicles are all available as fully equipped.

The extensive equipment provided like fridge, to mention a few, allows one to drive across the country off the beaten track into the wilderness safe and comfortable. All the vehicles are carefully prepared and maintained by in-house workshops and a thorough introduction to the vehicle and equipment accompanies each hire.

Toyota Land Cruiser type in various guises. Seats up to 5 pax in comfort, don’t forget the luggage. There are now some stretched variants that seat up to 07 but only a few operators use them as the capital cost is much higher than the standard model which has to be recouped from higher charges and usage. Hatch or pop top roof for easy viewing and both have their adherents.