Safari Planning

Planning to go on a luxury safari in Africa? Browse our safari itinerary page and you will find various overland or flying safari packages across Africa. Then choose one that best fits into your travel priority and our travel expert will provide you with the safari price, cost depending on the number of your group. For solo travelers expect the safari cost to be very as you are meeting all the safari logistics alone compared to the couple or small group travel.

How Much is a Luxury African Safari?

A luxury African safari is one of the best adventures that one can undertake in their lives. It is very memorable and safaris have been taken to the different destinations in Africa with a variation in cost depending on your destination and the activities that one is going to fulfill when they reach their safari. There are several factors that should be considered and that can affect the cost of your safari.

There are different levels of accommodation that every tourist is comfortable with and this will determine your safari costs. If you are more comfortable with the luxurious camps and hotels you are bound to spend more as compared to those that are comfortable with mid-range and standard budget accommodation as long as it has the basic necessities.

The time when you want to go for the safari will determine how much a luxury safari. If you book during the peak seasons, then be ready to spend more due to a hike in prices on everything.

The activities that you want to carry out on your safari will also affect the safari costs. All the park tour guides and safari companies know that people are willing to pay extra for specific activities and thus will increase the costs of the safari according to the activities that you want to carry out during that specific safari. That is if you decide to go to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo for gorilla safaris the price of a gorilla permit will cause price in each mentioned region compared when you visit Kenya and Tanzania for the great wildebeest migration experience.

The location of the accommodation chosen on a safari will also affect the costs of the safari in a way that if the accommodation is far away from the tourist destination, additional costs will be added so that transportation is catered for by adding costs.

If you want maximum privacy for your safari, be sure that you are going to spend more than those that are taking their safari with others. The means of transport within the tour locations also determine your cost. Use of flights makes it more expensive than use of the safari jeeps though also they vary, the use of safari land cruiser is far comfortable and a bit expensive compared the use of safari vans.