While visiting Africa, there are various experiences to enjoy and here are some of the experiences you can choose and depending on your travel priority. This is how most of you will experience your African safari. It will be either from the back to back game drives with open vehicles or on a walk with a qualified Maasai warrior guide.

Gorilla Trekking Experience

This is the best experience that every travelers thinking to visit Africa opt to take. Gorilla trekking tours experiences can done from safari national parks and these include the Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga parks. Bwindi and Mgahinga are found in southern western Uganda and from Bwindi you will find the high population of the mountain gorillas and from the 04 sectors (Buhoma, Rushaga, Nkuringo and Ruhija) you will find and trek specific gorilla family. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park being a solid block of the Virunga Massifs has 01 gorilla family and it is so much suitable for gorilla photography because of the light vegetation.

Still from Bwindi with the so many gorilla families the conservation team and protectors of the great apes the gorilla habituation experience has been launched and this you spend 04 hours with the gorillas compared to the gorilla trekking which is 0ne hour stay with the gorillas. Here the family for this experience is Bushaho and you visit in a group of 04 people for the good of protecting the animal rights and to maintain the carrying capacity of the habitat.

In Uganda the gorilla trekking permit cost $ 700 and the gorilla habituation experience cost $1500 and the gorilla tourism experience in Uganda is not so expensive.

Then other destinations to see face to face with the mountain gorillas can be done in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda and here the experience is quite expensive though there is discounts offered and the gorilla trekking permit cost $ 1500 USD per person

There is new experiences that have been introduced and targeting luxury travelers visiting Rwanda and these include:

–   US$ 15,000 for personalized & exclusive mountain gorilla visits for a requested targeted Gorilla family,

–   US$ 30,000 for a minimum of 3 visitors for 3 consecutive days (Behind the scenes)

There are also special discounted rates:

–  30% discount (US$ 1,050) for combined trips within National Parks in Rwanda (Gorilla Trekking, Akagera and/or Nyungwe National Park) for at least 3 days during the months of November-May,

– 15% discount (US$ 1,275) on conference delegates who stay pre & post MICE events to see gorillas.

The Virunga National Park also offers gorilla safari and here the permit is relatively affordable compared to the other two destinations (Uganda and Rwanda). Here luxury travelers stay at Mikeno Lodge, Bukima Tented Camp, Ngila Tented Camp and then the relaxing Tchegera Islands Camp at the shores of Lake Kivu.

A gorilla permit cost $ 400 USD per person and from the Virunga National Park we have so many amazing gorilla photography safaris offering the opportunity to see gorillas from 2 – 4 times in the mist. After the amazing mountain gorilla safari experience the hike to the mount Nyiragongo the only active Lava in Africa.

Democratic Republic of Congo, though for so many times has been disturbed by the insecurity it has so many to offer. Now with the combined force from nearby states and international community security is coming back in the place and after mountain gorilla tours go to the Kahuzi Biega National Park and experience the lowland gorilla safari holidays. And on a one visa visit to Virunga it can take to Kahuzi Biega in one week safari holiday.

Great Wildebeest Migration

If am not mistaken this is the number one African safari expedition that pulls so many travelers to Africa. Great wildebeest migration takes place every year between Mara River and Serengeti. At the beginning of the year these animals leave Serengeti and cross to Kenya and you find that during June – August Kenya receives a lot of tourists coming to experience this event in Maasai Mara and from the conservation aspect the reserve is at risk.

Then in mid-year the animals cross back to Serengeti plains and during this time the country together with other tourist places records high number of tourists and it is said this sector to support the country’s economy so much with the foreign exchange.

The Big Cats & Big5

Balloon Safaris

In my humble opinion, some of the very best locations to enjoy a balloon ride are on safari. It’s one of the best activities while on safari. Balloon over the open grass plains of the Maasai Mara, Kenya and Serengeti-Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro & Nyiragongo Trek

All Inclusive Beaches

Game drives

This is an experience that you can not miss while on your African wildlife safari. It is always done in an open jeep or closed jeep with the pop-top roof  and are 4×4 vehicles that are so pretty with much standards for all safaris. We can either offer this experience on private option or on a shared experience with other camp guests with your own knowledgeable safari driver/guide.

Guided walks

Are generally also available from most camps and lodges where walking is allowed. Here I am specifically excluding walking trails which I will deal with in a separate post. Most walking on safari is done in the mornings with an armed (and licensed) guide, and generally for only a couple of hours as an activity option.

Kayaking and Rafting

This is not so much done by sophisticated luxury travelers but for those interested in adventures you can add this to your safari activity, but you can kayak down the River Nile in or Orange River in South Africa or Raft the Nile in Uganda or on Kunene River in Namibia. If you are visiting the Victoria Falls, the white-water rafting there is some of the best in the world.

Canoeing & Boat Cruise

This is an exciting adventure activity that I highly recommend, although you will need to overcome any apprehension about crocodiles and hippos beforehand! All canoe safaris have experienced River guides and incidents are few and far between. Boat cruise is a most loved experience to all travelers and luxury we offer exclusive in private boats but if you also want to join other travelers we can too arrange this and you go with these big boats along Rivers and Lakes.

Horse Riding

If you are an avid horseback rider, or even a competent weekender, to be able to get up close to some of Africa’s wildlife on horseback is possibly the ultimate thrill. If this is your fancy, you will need to seek out an established horseback safari operator with well-schooled horses and experienced guides.

Luxury Safaris in Africa – Exclusive Experiences

Flying Safari Holidays

Photography Expeditions